Our digital production team specialises in
  • websites,
  • complex backends with API,
  • mobile applications,
  • AI solutions
  • and blockchain development.

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arb.digital has a long history, with more than 120 projects completed for 56 clients. We work with European and US clients and partners.


Our prices are more then competitive.


Dive App


Papa John's


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Narodnaya Karta





Russia Loves Football

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Selected projects

for TTM

We developed landing page for $30m successful ICO project Play2Live — a video live streaming platform. Development included lots of integrations with 3rd party services and strong security measures, as verified by SEC Consult audit. Website



We fully relaunched the federal online payment system. We covered branding, promo materials, video production and web development. Website

design branding video development

Russia Loves Football
for Eventica

Complex website with interactive WebGL Earth model was launched in under a month. We also created our own Russian SVG map with regions and cities. Website

development design 3d

Federal Road Agency

Relaunched in late 2013, the Federal Road Agency state website follows best practice for modern government resources. Website

development design video promo

Papa John's Promo Game
for Papa John's

Promotional game, created for Papa John's by arb.digital, generated profit 92 times more then cost.

design branding print development

Our own project


Introducing world's 1st Artificial Intelligence naming service. And guess what? Robots don't complain on next try. Embrace the AI world. Learn more

own project development ai

for Narodnaya Karta

Loyalty program "Gorod" is created with the support of the government of Moscow and allows to get information about the partners of the program, bonus balance and pay bonuses to the transport card "Troika". Website

backend development support


Hydrop produces nanotechnology based products for protection and cleaning of clothing and shoes. Hydrop won Forbes and Cartier international awards. We created the main website in 3 languages with complex 3rd party integrations, as long as multiple landing pages. Website

design development branding

Our own project


Outstanding Dobrovid project core idea makes free donations to charity a reality. To make a donation you only have to watch a video, that's it, you don't have to pay with real money. With Dobrovid we transform ad budgets into charity. Learn mode

own project design development

Our own project


At some point we became tired of overpriced project management SaaS, that didn't provide us all the functionality we needed for our work processes. So we created our own PM tool with set of unique features, which we use for all our internal and external projects. Request access

own project design backend development


Typically making a full cycle project with us will cost from $4500.

Keep in mind, that price heavily depends on many factors including project complexity, platform, deadline and several other factors. We also have *discounts* for non-profit and startups.


Our services are practically 4 times cheaper than US digital production studios.


Efficiency is a top priority

Everyone on the team is dedicated to the result. That means a manager will not write dozens of meaningless emails instead of doing real work, as the developer will not be playing Minecraft.

We are reasonable

We don't send you spam invoices for every minor update. We work along with you to achieve great results and those results will always be worth the time and money.

We are slim

We only have employees we – and you – really need. You aren't paying for extra people and unnecessary resources, company cars and luxurious parties with Drake.


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